Fabuleux Veron

Fabuleux Veron
"Use your mind. Remember. Observe. You are not different from others. Most of their experiences are valid for you too. Think clearly and deeply, go into the structure of your desires and their ramifications. They are the most important part of your mental and emotional make-up and powerfully affect your actions. Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself." - Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That


Likeable Media

The author of Likeable Social Media, .Dave Kerpen is one of the foremost experts in Social Media! Speaker, CEO of Likeable Local,
chairman of Likeable Media and
New York Times best-selling author.
Helping brands, organizations and people everywhere
be more likeable.
This is a must read book i need to get this book soon i review of the book and it was one of the best ive ever read

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