Fabuleux Veron

Fabuleux Veron
"Use your mind. Remember. Observe. You are not different from others. Most of their experiences are valid for you too. Think clearly and deeply, go into the structure of your desires and their ramifications. They are the most important part of your mental and emotional make-up and powerfully affect your actions. Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself." - Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That


Beauty of Nude Art

Some people say there is a very thin line, dividing fine nude art or erotic photography from pornography.  Beauty of the human body, its perfection and pureness still remain at the key focus on nude photographs

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  1. hmmmmm....
    Blessings....thanks for the follow. Art like any other genre is subjective and hardly without ones own biases clouding the perspective. "one person's art is another persons pornography." Kinda like some of those abstract art that some woo and aah about but to me they just look like kindergarden scratches or like someone just dropped paint on the floor, accidental stepped on it and walked across the canvas. It's all subjective.

    Have a blessed and wonder filled weekend.