Fabuleux Veron

Fabuleux Veron
"Use your mind. Remember. Observe. You are not different from others. Most of their experiences are valid for you too. Think clearly and deeply, go into the structure of your desires and their ramifications. They are the most important part of your mental and emotional make-up and powerfully affect your actions. Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself." - Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That


Emeli Sande - Heaven

"I often say that I don't worry about the meaning of life - I can't handle that big stuff. What concerns me is the meaning in life - day by day, hour by hour, while I'm doing whatever it is that I do. What counts is not what I do, but how I think about myself while I'm doing it."

- Robert Fulghum


Yung Smoothay- Reality out of a Fantasy Freestyle

He goes by the name Yung SmoothAy
You will always have my support my dear friend
Keep it up :)


Beauty of Nude Art

Some people say there is a very thin line, dividing fine nude art or erotic photography from pornography.  Beauty of the human body, its perfection and pureness still remain at the key focus on nude photographs

Miguel - Part 3 of 3: Pay Me - Grey Goose Rising Icons

I LOVE me some Miguel!
Im waiting for the day when miguel becomes more mainstream why is he so under rated
I love that he can actually sing live


Kanye West sits in Kobe Bryant class to be taught.Success at Success at Success #KOBESYSTEM
I have been paying attention to KOBESYSTEM for a while I realized and i found it to be very motivational. I have learnt a lot from KOBESYSTEM about being at the top. KOBESYSTEM isn't just about getting to the top though it's about going over the top. Success for the Successful is Kobe Bryant's winning, results-oriented philosophy on how to adapt to succeed.