Fabuleux Veron

Fabuleux Veron
"Use your mind. Remember. Observe. You are not different from others. Most of their experiences are valid for you too. Think clearly and deeply, go into the structure of your desires and their ramifications. They are the most important part of your mental and emotional make-up and powerfully affect your actions. Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself." - Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That


Young women nowadays tend to keep there HEELS high and forget their standards.From what i know standards are those morals behavior, character and even habits that established an individual.One of the most important thing about this that we have to respect our selves as women know your what you want in life and know what you stand for don't be a dead fish that flows with the river and does not have control so beautiful Ladies lets have standards. By lowering your standards people start to talk shit and your reputations tend to rot/stink.Therefore building and maintaining a good reputation is important.Even in relationships we have to retain high standards with the man we date maintain your swag(attractiveness), self respect standards be a queen they have to bow down :)
It’s your life and as far as we know life is too short. I urge you to demand the best for yourself, value your self and begin having high expectations in life.

So lets keep our HEAD UP, STANDARDS HIGH and 
           look good on them  HIGH HEELS 

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